How to deal with the water leakage of the stop valve spool
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How to deal with the water leakage of the stop valve spool

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1. What is the simple treatment method for water leakage of the globe valve valve core?

a. It is determined that the valve core is leaking. The relatively simple solution is that the valve core is damaged, so we can directly remove the old valve core and replace it with a new one.

b. There is a gasket inside, the service life is relatively short, and it is prone to aging and wear problems, so the gasket may be worn out, so sometimes we don’t need to replace the valve core as a whole, just replace the inner rubber ring. .

c. In addition, pay attention to the process of use, and do not use too much force to twist the valve, otherwise it will cause severe wear and tear.

d. To replace the spool, you need to close the main water valve, and use a screwdriver to unscrew the fixing screw at the back counterclockwise. Then use an adjustable wrench to remove the faucet, open the upper part of the plug, and you can see the valve core inside, then take out the old valve core, install the new valve core, insert the handle, and install the screw valve Even if the core is replaced.

2. Which material is better for the spool?

a. The valve core has different materials, one is stainless steel, which has a relatively high technical content, and more importantly, it has better anti-corrosion performance and is not easy to pollute the water source.

b. If you choose copper, it is relatively less prone to corrosion and rust, but relatively speaking, its price will be more expensive, and it is also the heaviest. However, it is very likely that some unscrupulous merchants will shoddy, if they buy inferior products, they will not be able to achieve the anti-corrosion effect.

c. There is also a ceramic valve core, which is also better, because its wear resistance is more outstanding, and more importantly, it has good sealing performance, high temperature resistance, long service life, and is not prone to water leakage.

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